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PHP Firewall Generator

Del's Linux Page The PHP Firewall Generator is a simple PHP script that generates a firewall script for iptables or ipchains based firewalls. The script is created based on configuration rules entered by the user. The aim is to support a rule set similar to those supported by commercial Firewall systems, and have it easy to configure.

The PHP Firewall Generator is hosted at SourceForge, you can see the project page here.

Download release 2.0 (for iptables) here, or get the RPM or get the Source RPM.

Download release 1.0 (for ipchains) here, or get the RPM or get the Source RPM.

Try out an on-line demo of the software. Note that this is not necessarily the latest release: If you want the latest release with all of the bug fixes then you should download it and run it locally instead. Also note that some features (eg: open port detection) are disabled in the on-line demo version.

Changes since release 1.0

A rewrite of the script generator for iptables. The user interface remains mostly the same, and the same configuration files can be used to generate an iptables or ipchains based script. Currently version 2.0 supports iptables only, whereas 1.0 supports ipchains only. A future release will support either iptables or ipchains.

Changes since release 0.94

Many cosmetic changes, and a new help system added. I made some minor changes to the way the script is generated.

Changes since release 0.93

Changes since release 0.92

Changes since release 0.9:

Changes since release 0.4:

Changes since release 0.3:

Changes since release 0.2:

Changes since release 0.1: